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h1. Blink Qt

This wiki page is meant for providing access to the version control source code repository.

For up to date information please visit the official web site

h2. Roadmap

h3. Main Tasks

* Support for latest Debian and Ubuntu versions
* Presence support (PUBLISH, SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY using RLS)
* Address Book storage using XCAP rls-services and resource-lists
* Presence Policy using XCAP org.openmobilealliance.pres-rules
* Icon Storage using XCAP org.openmobilealliance.pres-content
* Offline Presence using XCAP pidf-manipulation
* Publish Status, Icon, Activity, Note, Timezone, User-Input and Media Capabilities
* Improve Audio support for Linux
* Call history menu items
* Call transfer
* Chat sessions
* File transfer
* Video

h3. Side tasks

* Dial SIP URI from server web page
* Show register status
* Answering Machine
* Device switching window when detected at runtime
* Alert panel for redirect 30X

h3. Nice to have

* Dial SIP URIs from the system
* Minimize to Windows system tray
* Desktop notifications
* Desktop sharing
* Logs window