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h1. Blink Qt

This wiki page is meant for providing access to the version control source code repository.

For up to date information please visit the official web site

For help see [[help|Help for Blink QT for Windows and Linux]]

Blink Qt is based on "SIP SIMPLE client SDK": and derives most of its features directly from it.

h2. Features

* Multiple SIP accounts
* Bonjour neighbourhood discovery
* SIP server discovery (DNS NAPTR, SRV, A records)
* Audio calls (Opus, G.722, G.711, Speex, GSM, ilBC codecs)
* Chat sessions (MSRP)
* Acoustic Echo Cancellation
* Multiparty audio conference
* SIP SIMPLE Presence (XCAP and RLS)
* Contacts management (XCAP)
* Icon management (XCAP)
* Google contacts integration
* Voicemail notifications
* Call history
* Redial and Hold
* ICE NAT traversal
* sRTP encryption
* Hotplug audio device detection (Windows)
* Minimize to Windows system tray

h2. Roadmap

h3. Main Tasks

* Chat sessions
* Multiparty
Multi-party conferencing
* OTR encryption Offline Presence using XCAP pidf-manipulation
* Engine doesn't stop on Windows
* Video
* History manager
* Open system browser for http(s) uris
* Blocked contacts list
* Accept presence request properly
Call transfer
* Screen Sharing File transfers
* Add webpassword per account Screen sharing
* Fix dialed URIs (% encode the username to avoid errors)
* Remove block policy when adding URI for contact
* Add block policy when removing URI for contact
* Replace + in main GUI with a navigation menu
* Check if files are opened in binary or text mode
* Decide if we also want to save window size / position for all windows
* Have the avatar selection on the account state button's menu
* Explore the scaledContents attribute for the IconSelector label
* Add Remove from group context menu entry for contacts
* Decide if we want email addresses from Google contacts or not
* Store url, etag and hash on IconDescriptor
* Re-evaluate what to do about missing icons (explore having blink://no-icon)
* Save timestamp of last known state in order not to overwrite the state when blink starts
* Implement state types in order not to sync automatic states
* Evaluate getting rid of the dial buttons
* Decide if to have a virtual group for online contacts or just an option to sort online contacts at the top of the list
* Print auth failure in server settings page
* Update Audio labels
* Detect when system comes back from sleep in Windows
* Fix reporting ICE negotiation status
* Add ability to reorder accounts

Video sessions

h3. Nice to have

* Dial SIP URI from server web page
* Answering Machine
* Device switching window when detected at runtime
* Alert panel for redirect 30X
* Dial SIP URIs from the system
* Desktop notifications
* Logs window
* LDAP directory services