Blink Qt 1.1.0 for Linux released

Added by Adrian Georgescu over 9 years ago

blink (1.1.0) unstable; urgency=medium

  • Added support for drag and drop on the chat window
  • Improve the performance of painting the video preview
  • Fix stopping composing timer when session is ended or chat is removed
  • Removed unused settings
  • Always play an audio alert when a file transfer finishes
  • Removed session and RTP timeouts from preferences
  • Reorganized preferences
  • Better icons for chat, logging and advanced settings
  • Removed no longer necessary code to adjust label sizes
  • Do not allow the chat web view to get focus
  • Updated test numbers
  • Check for the audio session item existance before operating on it
  • Added support for specifying the transfer_id for file transfers

Ubuntu Utopic is now supported.

For download and upgrade instructions go to: